Mobile App Development

We plan, design, build and support mobile applications for native iOS, Android and Flutter. From augmented reality experiences to feature-packed utility apps, we open new revenue channels; create new communication lines and unlock the power of mobile.

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Mobile App Development

We mix industry standard design principles with cutting edge visuals to create stunning apps that are vibrant, rich and informative.

Our app designs are laced with user-experience (UX) principles to ensure they are easy to use and straight forward to interact with. We design each screen with care so that they work not only on a visual level, but are also functional and engaging for users to use.

Whilst there are many types of apps, we only offer the highest in build quality and functionality. We achieve this by only developing native applications, using only the recommended source code provided by Apple and Google. The end result is a sturdy and stable app that lasts the test of time.

Apps are powerful and can do many things: from providing routes and directions via mapping integrations to video and audio playback. Display advanced animations and effects; manipulate images and wallpapers; send data back to a central server for processing; play both 2D and 3D games and even integrate augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences.

Apps push the boundaries of what is possible on a small screen and unlock new communication opportunities for your business. With so many options to choose from, we will guide you with an interactive digital-workshop and recommend what features are needed in order to archive your marketing goals.

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Android & iOS

As standard, our mobile apps are designed to launch on Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store: targeting iOS and Android mobile devices.

From iPhones to Samsung Galaxy handsets, our apps are crafted to provide a superior native experience that feels seemless and rich with content. Designed to feel like an extension of your brand, every app we produce is laced with subtle gestures and neat details that brings enjoyment and fun to the user.

Engineered to deliver measurable results, each app is meticulously tested inside and out, and utilises only trusted 3rd party code to ensure long term maintenance and support.

And as of 2022, Digital Orbit is now able to launch your mobile app on the web (as a browser web-app) or on Windows and Mac desktops as a native application: opening up countless new possibilities for your business.

App Oportunities

Apps are by their very nature rich with features and functionality that set them apart from traditional websites and marketing material. This allows you to utilise mobile tech to solve those business problems or unleash new opportunites for your company.

From augmented reality to GPS navigation; 2D gaming to simple calculators: apps have proven a place in society due to their niche and focused problem solving approach. Each app we create starts with a question: "what problem are you trying to solve or what opportunity do you want to maximise?". Identifying the primary problem or opportunity is key in mobile app development and leads to a more concise and streamlined end product.

Once the scope is defined, we then design and develop an app that satisfies this brief clearly, quickly and concisely. We'll work with you to support the marketing of the app, and can even produce a website and social media content to attract new users post launch.

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App Design Services

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Mobile App Development

Our mobile apps are coded in Google's Flutter language and offer the potential to support and launch on iOS, Android, Web, Windows and Mac.

Apps are some of the most unique pieces of software avilable and are tailored to your brand and its feature-requirements.

Many businesses will choose a mobile app when:

  • They require on-going communication or engagement with their users
  • Websites simply do not offer the computing power or user experience needed to fullfil the task
  • You have a specific task that requires data from mobile hardware (eg: images / GPS coordinates / accelerometer / offline usage etc)
Core benefits

A mobile app designed and developed by Digital Orbit will include:

  • A unique custom design that is bespoke to your business and brand
  • Hand-written code from the ground up, ensuring high performance, quality and care
  • Optimised and ready for launch on multiple platforms
  • Free first year app-hosting with Google Play and App Store Connect and management included
How much does a mobile app cost?

Mobile apps are tricky to cost as it is based on a combination of the number of screens and the features and functionality within. We've given a ball-park costing below as an indication of the budgets required, however for a bespoke quote please do get in touch:

Mobile app costs:


Frequent App Development Questions

  • How can an app run on a desktop or in the web?

    Digital Orbit is at the forefront of application design and development. By utilising the latest technology from Google, we are able to write a single code base in a framework called Flutter, that can then ultimately run apps on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, the web, Windows and Mac.

    As specialists in mobile application development, we are able to deliver high quality, funactional experiences that solve your problem or oppotunity; and deliver the results on almost any operating system.

  • Do apps cost money to maintain?

    An app is never finished and should instead be considered an on-going project. Users will come to expect regular updates to the app; with each release unleashing new functionality or experiences. The App Stores will also look favourably on developers who continuously improve the apps with new releases.

    We can help your business design a release and feature roadmap: designed to incrementally release new features throughout the year that keeps engagement high and repeat user retention at the max.

    Each year, Google and Apple release new operating systems that can sometimes change the way your app interacts with the device. As a result, we recommend each app has a yearly 'MOT' to check for compatibility prior to any users complaining of broken functionality.

  • What other things do I need to consider?

    It is important to note that most applications require a datasource in order to save user data and read content from. This is normally formed as part of a wider 'platform' that you may interact with; adding content too and updating user records. Digital Orbit will advise you if such as platform is needed and how best it would be to tackle such a project. More often than not, the back-of-house admin platform is an app in its own right: and as a result is treated as a seperate system.

  • 100%

    • All of our work is done in-house.

      Unless we tell you otherwise, all of our projects are tackled in-house. We do this to ensure the quality remains high, and we have complete oversight of its design and delivery: giving you peace of mind that your business is in capable hands.

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