Branding & Design

We help businesses position their brand in their sector whilst making their visual identity unique, bold and memorable. We design unique and compelling visual identities that help aspire and sell your company based on first impressions.

App design

Web design

Web design


Branding is so much more than a logo. A brand should spark emotion, a sense of place and the notion of purpose in the industry that you operate within.

We work with clients and help them identify their business; describe their brand mission and pin down who they aspire to be. By identifying the persona and personality of their brand, we can then get to work and visually design their identity; logo or wordmark.

Figuring out who or what your brand stands for can be difficult. That's why we faciliate interactive brand workshops where we will help you discover your brand personality in an informal yet informative creative session.

As brand strategists we'll also investigate and review the competition; explore your sector and determine trends or perceptions that can help shape your brand through 'points-of-parity' and 'points-of-difference'.

Finally, once we have a tone of voice, a personality and a brand persona, we will then embark on the process of visually designing your brand identity.

Marketing Campaign Design
UX Design

User Experience Design

As digital designers from an app-background, we are very familiar with user-experience design. From functional layouts to responsive web pages, we are able to deliver a visual layout that not only looks great, but also solves most problems.

When we tackle design work, we ask the question: "what are we trying to solve here". By answering this question, we are able to provide layouts that are intuitive yet visually stunning. We've been honoured and trusted by mulitple brands across the country to design their websites, their brand identity and their mobile apps. We work with your team to ensure what we are producing fits in with your expectations and is inline with your requirements.

The end result are designs that look great, work well and generate bottom line revenue.

Functional Design

Functional design provides your business with screen and page layouts that will solve a task, for example: finishing a survey or completing a checkout.

Digital Orbit is able to provide designs that solve common digital-problems such as screen layouts that require users to follow tasks or instructions. Completing surveys or flowing through a checkout are common examples of functional design and require a unique yet obvious design language to achieve optimal results.

We work with clients in order to design such screens that generate results. Whilst the end result may not be the prettiest (😱), the results for your business will be demonstrated in conversions and retention metrics.

Functional Design

Web design

Web design

Web design

Web design

Branding & Visual Design

Our branding and visual design work is typically broken down into strategic design (aka: brand exploration) and visual design (aka: things you can see).

Many businesses will choose a branding and visual design when:

  • They are launching a new business or product and require an identity
  • They wish to modernise their exisitng business look and feel
  • They would like to launch a new website or app but would like us to design it for them
Core benefits

A visual design or brand developed by Digital Orbit will include:

  • A unique identity that reflects your core values, beliefs and personality
  • Designs that you own at the end of it
  • Strategic research into the problem, oportunity or industry
How much does a branding & design cost?

Branding and design is a very unique service that can vary in cost depending on how certain you are in what your brand should stand for. We'll provided a range below to help you understand the potential costs:

Strategic branding:


Visual branding:


Frequent Design Questions

  • Why should I pay for a brand identity?

    As a startup or small business, we understand that every penny has either been hard-earned or needs to stretch to cover the most ground possible. However when taking your long term success into account, skimping on your branding may end up harming you.

    Branding is so much more than a logo: it defines your 'place' in the market, it pin-points what you stand for and how you'll go about communicating with your customers. Whilst may businesses launch their branding on a shoe-string, it can be argued that they would have had greater success, or quicker success if they spent some time up front answering simple questions about their brand positioning, identity and personality.

  • Should I design a logo myself?

    Consumers and businesses are superficial, and a poor quality or rushed logo may turn away perfectly good clientle. If your logo or wordmark looks poor then your customers might be mistaken for thinking this lack of care reflects other aspects of your business.

    And whilst you maybe a dab-hand at Adobe, Figma or Sketch, designing a logo is difficult. You'll not only need to design something that looks great, but it will also need to be functional: working in multiple situations, in different sizes and on different colours.

  • What makes Digital Orbit a good brand designer?

    With almost a decade's experience, our long list of trusted brands who have worked with us over the years should give you reasurance that we are good at what we do. We have tried and tested branding workshops that ask just the right questions in order to dig deep under the skin of your business; surface that personality traits and personas; and deliver a creative identity that is fit for purpose.

  • 100%

    • All of our work is done in-house.

      Unless we tell you otherwise, all of our projects are tackled in-house. We do this to ensure the quality remains high, and we have complete oversight of its design and delivery: giving you peace of mind that your business is in capable hands.