Analytics & Reporting

Every successful business monitors their marketing on a regular basis with analytics. Digital Orbit makes this simple by managing and interpreting your reporting metrics and periodically generating analytical reports from all your marketing channels, making it easy, quick and simple to digest.


Analytics are a marketers best friend: giving you insight into usage, conversions and user retention.

Digital Orbit makes analytics simple. We help businesses identify what metrics they should be tracking and then help implement the code needed to do so. We review your marketing goals and suggest where and what you should be tracking. We will implement tracking technolgies into your marketing communications and will configure indistry leading plaforms such as Google Analytics and Sales Force.

With analytics, you'll be able to understand the invisible: such as how long a visitor dwells on your web page; or what the top ranking product is within your ecommerce store. With analytics we can build up a bigger picture of your user journey and begin to define their buyer behaviour.

Google Analytics
Analytical & Goal Metric Reports


Adding analytics to your marketing communications is only part of the picture; understanding the behaviour of your users is where reporting comes in.

Once you've collected your analytics and data metrics, making sense of the information will lead you to understanding your users and their intentions. Armed with knowledge and foresignt on how your customers behave and act, we can then make recommendations on changes, tweaks and refinements in the way you communicate with them, how you engage; what you communicate them with.

Digital Orbit provides an on-going service that tracks and monitors your marketing campaigns; resulting in regular reports and recommendations.

Analytics & Reporting

Our analytics and reporting services are an on-going project that aims to deliver value by better understanding your customers and your marketing communications.

We do this in two phases: first by setting up analytics and metric capture; second by analysing and reporting back on usage.

Many businesses will choose analytics and reporting when:

  • They would like better insight into the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns
  • They wish to modernise their website but wish to better understand its usage before making changes
  • They wish to increase their ROI on paid forms of advertising by capturing user intent and behaviour
Core benefits

An analytics and reporting project delivered by Digital Orbit will include:

  • A strategic deep-dive into your aims, goals and marketing ambitions
  • Integration of analytics and metrics capture into your digital campaigns
  • Regular monthly analysis of the data with the findings infered and reported against
How much does analytics and reporting cost?

Analytics and Reporting is costed as a monthly retainer:

Costs per calendar month:

£550+VAT / PCM

  • 100%

    • All of our work is done in-house.

      Unless we tell you otherwise, all of our projects are tackled in-house. We do this to ensure the quality remains high, and we have complete oversight of its design and delivery: giving you peace of mind that your business is in capable hands.