Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses & Startups

We're a team of highly skilled digital marketers, web and app developers; and campaign strategists - all of whom share a passion to help SME's and fledgling startup companies with their digital marketing needs.

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Digital Campaigns

The Startup Marketing Specalists

Located in the tech-hub of Norwich, East Anglia, our team are at the forefront of digital marketing innovation tailored for small businesses and startup companies. We use our skills to add value to your business; whether that be redesigning your brand, assisting with a product launch or building that new app project from scratch.

Having worked in the industry for over a decade, we've seen the rise of new technologies including mobile; we've been there when social media was a new buzz word and when 'responsive mobile web design' was optional and not always recommended. Our long history has resulted in us building an established and tested approach and philosophy when tackling projects that are not only creative but results driven.

We have tailored our expertise and honed in on small and new businesses who have limited resources yet require the biggest impact for their budgets. Without compromising on quality, our approach allows us to deliver effective digital marketing campaigns, creative and unique brand identies; mobile friendly website design and advanced feature rich mobile app development projects - all without breaking the bank.

A Team Of Creative Thinkers & Doers

Hungry to learn and grow, we are open-minded and curious about the future of digital marketing. From creative campaigns to interactive mobile apps, we think outside of the box to deliver real results at affordable prices.

Our Ethos

Our ethos and approach drives every decision we make and is why our clients love working with us. Every project we tackle is inline with these simple founding principles, which demonstrate our care and attention when working on your marketing and development projects.

Results Driven

We ensure all our work is measurable with clear analytical results, allowing you to easily gauge and measure your ROI. As part of our service, we can provide regular monthly analytical audits on your campaigns and marketing activities giving you reasurance your budget has been well spent.


We aim to be upfront and honest with you. As straight talking marketing professionals, we will tell you as it is. We publish our prices on our website so there are no hidden surprises and we will also tell you exactly what is going on at each step of the project. We do this to maintain an honest and open relationship with you and to ensure you get exactly what your business needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our goal is to keep you happy so you keep coming back. So your opinion matters to us - which is why we'll regularly touch base with you to ensure you're satisfied with our work, our approach and if there is anything we can do to make you even happier.

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Digital Orbit have achieved a perfect balance between being approachable, amiable and responsive, whilst producing professional results that have met our brief absolutely. The digital tool developed with us ties into an existing campaign, and there was an immediate understanding on their part as to what was required - largely down to an insightful and well thought out planning phase. The level of support has been outstanding, which is entirely down to thier quick response times and insightful solutions.

Tim Whittlesea

Outreach Manager of Middlesex University