Norwich Campus

Learn to code in the heart of Norfolk.

Embark on an exhilarating adventure into the world of coding with our comprehensive courses designed for students and individuals eager to dive into the realm of software engineering.

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Welcome to Norwich.

Nestled in the heart of Norfolk, Norwich is not just a fine city; it's a captivating destination that beckons learners to its historic streets and burgeoning tech scene.

Imagine studying against the backdrop of Norwich Castle, an iconic landmark that has stood witness to centuries of history. But Norwich is not just about its rich past; it's a city that's actively shaping the future, especially in the tech sector. With a growing number of innovative tech businesses calling Norwich home, the city has become a thriving hub for creative minds and software-driven enterprises.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of Norwich, where the blend of history and innovation creates an inspiring environment for study and learning. Explore the attractions, connect with the tech community, and let Norwich be the backdrop to your educational journey.

A creative place to study and learn.

Welcome to our trendy, hipster warehouse-style mentor campus nestled in the heart of Norwich, East Anglia - where innovation meets inspiration.

Our campus is more than just a place to learn; it's a vibrant hub pulsating with creativity and home to some of the region's most dynamic creative and software-driven businesses. Imagine studying in an atmosphere buzzing with activity, surrounded by like-minded individuals, and fueled by the energy of Norwich's thriving tech community. Here, learning isn't just a task; it's an experience that stimulates your best and most inspired self.

Join us in this unique learning environment, and let your education flourish amid the eclectic charm of our Norwich campus.

Norwich Campus

Fuel Studios

Norwich Campus

Norwich Campus

Fuel Studios

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